I can scarcely suspend my disbelief: yet again I have not scooped the lottery prize. Ah well, at least this is something to write of that many people can relate to. If there were no disappointment at all there would be no point in buying a ticket. Disappointment often travels in wave form; this one is a mild ankle tugger. It washes away and I still value the shore I stand on. It's a flat silver skied day and I'm working to clink up some coin in the patched up home purse; illustrating a children's story. Doesn't sound like hard work, does it? I work hard all the same: hard here meaning meticulous, unceasing, until my muscles seize up in knots. The easy part of it is creative satisfaction. A lottery win won't buy me anything more of that, but I would buy a mig welder and expand into metal work. If there were an aptitude test for wealth I think my fortunes would greatly improve. 


Geo. said…
Oh I am certain disappointment is propagated in wave form. Keen observation, Lily. Lately though, I've suspected our entire planet of passing into an entropy belt. Entropy, as we learn in physics, is always accompanied by heat, so I hope you get your mig welder --which is a very efficient, relatively cool system and should help.
klahanie said…
Oh no, you mean your not the mystery lottery winner? Just when I was going to declare myself as a long lost relative :)

Ah yes, "The Angel of the North", but which one? :)
The Cranky said…
And perhaps a green velvet coat and a wide-brimmed hat with roses? To wear while welding of course!
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you Geo- and another good reason to get a mig!
Gary, sorry to deprive you of some useful family tree. I think the angel is the one in the background, but tis hard to tell.
Jacqueline, welding in velvet? That ticks the eccentric box! :-)

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