Salt And Sugar

Hail fell, just the size of rough-cut rock salt, bouncing over the lane all pretty and fleeting.
It melts on the ground, joins a rain stream undercutting the edge of the new tarmac. Dog looks up and then ignores it. She has pheasants to put to flight. Mr is outside pressing juice from blackberries. He says he thought of fetching the car to us when the hail struck, then he had remembered how I love a change of weather.
He's right, it was delightful: just that slight difference, it puts crystals at my feet. I needed that, today: a boost, a sign, a few crystals at my feet.

Dared to spend money on three cinema tickets. It is Bond's fiftieth birthday, and we don't go out much. Sneak a look at the faces of Mr and Boy by the light of the title credits. Rapt and joyful; I liked the film immensely, but this was my favourite scene.

On the way home, Mr buys a Millionaire's Cheesecake. 


Suzanne Bean said…
I also love the change in the weather. Right now the leaves are falling and the rain has arrived. We haven't had any frost or hail!! Enjoy!!!

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