Siesta Fiesta

Hot fat meat fizzing in the high heat oven: all the house has the smell of it. Bellies rumble.
Dog, damp and sandy, sleeps in her basket.
Mr Grandad has two eyes half open: less than half open: shut.
Little Grandson has a Grandad for a pillow.
Outside, where the wind has a chill and fine rain now falls, tide-lined boots stand untidy.
Inside, there's a timer set, to remind us to peel up potatoes. 


  1. Ok, now my belly is rumbling! Sounds like a leisurely Easter. We have long-awaited sunshine and a garden to tidy. Happy Easter.

  2. Happy Easter! Hope that you have more spring-like weather soon. The beach is always nice, though.

  3. Almost saw some sun today! Thank you all for your jolly comments :-)


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