A-Z part Y

'What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.'
Richard Bach.

An Emperor Dragonfly, tattooed on my shoulder, in flight, is always wings stretched, always having climbed from egg to grub to chrysalis to this leap of faith.

Grub form lingers in half-light, calls the shadows home. Much is learnt in these formative shades. Grub feels comfortable in this mud, in this formational half-light: feels safe being half-formed, being unlaunched.
This is the comfort zone of discomfort. If I hurt, if I am failed, I need not fear waiting for pain or failure to find me.
Foolish grub!
Life is not only harsh truths: not all truth need be harsh. Sunlight is no lie.
Grub at the base of the reed, looking up, hesitant: drawn.

What is it that I want then?

To live in this half-light, as most people do, but to leave a body of work that is the beautiful, truthful guide to living in economic vagary, though people might never read it?
To blossom in all ways and come to a life that fulfils its promise?

Always be vulnerable, always be powerful.

This is not my shoulder, this is my old briefcase.


Cygnus said…
This is a lesson I wouldn't have even started learning without blogging.

"Sunlight is no lie." Now THAT'S phrase worthy of a tattoo! :-)
Suze said…
I adore who you are.
Dixie@dcrelief said…
"What is it that I want then?"

"To blossom in all ways and come to a life that fulfills its promise?"

Your words give me a fresh idea. Thank you.
Teresa Cypher said…
This is a really nice post, Lisa!

I think you're rolling along nicely on the A to Z. :-) I've been horrible about visiting this year!

And, I must say, am ready for the break. I'm not as tough as you. I don't post everyday (or nearly everyday). :-)

Hope that you, Mister, boy, baby and dog are doing well. :-)

A big hug to you!

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