A-Z Part N

Echo loves the water hitting her hands. She laughs and presses a chubby palm to the tap, spraying cold water into her face. Shock follows splutter, then she tries it again. This time it too is joyous for her. Water hits the walls and floor.
‘Enough!’ Claire is laughing also. Echo grins. She pats a wet hand on Claire’s cheek.
‘Nom,’ she says, decisively.
‘I am a bit peckish, now that you mention it.’

And a little apology: for I have not been as busy visiting other A-Z challenge folks as I would have liked: life is somewhat bowled over right now: if you have dropped by and left a comment I will get around to returning the favour! 


Suze said…
Lis, I have so enjoyed the way you invert each lovely illustration; giving us -- within each post -- a bifurcated perspective in the most straightforward but beautiful way. I like to decide inside myself which I prefer, usually, but today I just soaked up both without deciding anything except that you make the world prettier.
The Cranky said…
A bit peckish? How about some cheery cherry bread?

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