A-Z challenge: Part G
presenting the newest installment of story

It’s not much different to holding a largish puppy: compact weight, body warmth, wiggling.
‘That’s a cat- that’s Scuro. Scuro says, miaow, miaow.’
‘Ma-ow,’ the child says, ‘ma-ow, ma-ow!’ It peals into more laughing.
A cheese-smeared hand pats her cheek. ‘Nom nom, ma-ow!’
‘Yes,’ Claire smiles, ‘little jolly thing; Scuro likes cheese.’
Little jolly thing laughs. ‘Nom nom, ma-ow!’

She carries the child down to the cat shed.
‘Shh, sleeping.’ Claire puts a shush finger to her lips, points out Old Gray, slumbering in a sunspot.
The child copies her gesture. Claire tiptoes along the path. Behind a raised finger, the child sports a conspiratorial smile. It rolls its eyes from Claire to the cats. They step quietly into the shed. One cat unsprawls, strolls to a dish. It laps, purrs, pads over to rub against Claire’s leg, looks up at the child. Claire watches the enthralled child. Her arms start to ache. The little weight is difficult to distribute evenly.
‘This is where the cats live,’ she explains. ‘Mioaw. Cats. Shh, sleeping.’
‘Nom nom,’ the child whispers, pointing to the water dish.
‘Nom nom,’ Claire agrees. ‘Come on, let’s see what you and the hounds make of each other, eh?’
‘Ma-ow, ma-ow,’ the child waves at the cats, ‘shh. Ma-ow, shh.


Lynn Proctor said…
what an interesting g word---we don't think much of our gestures and what they might mean to others!
Suze said…
Cats and kids have a magical relationship, this I have learned.

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