Part 2 of 18 of my alphabetically segmented story: a rather short piece, but a lovely moment in which a cat is named. 

While she sits outside, yoghurt bowl in her lap, the tortoiseshell cat jumps onto the table, rattles the coffee mug. Claire holds a hand out towards it. The cat pushes a cold nose onto her fingertips, purrs briefly.
‘We might pick a name for you, today. Not Shady, something like it- like Chiaroscuro, do you know that word?’
Cat blinks. Claire rubs her ears.
The use of light and shade in paintings and drawings, or the effect produced by this. Also called claire-obscure,’ she quotes. ‘Like me. Claire-obscure. Scuro. That’s what I’ll call you.’ 


  1. loved this--did you do the drawings--they are so cute!

  2. Thank you Lynn- these are my sketches :-)

  3. Hi!
    I'm stopping in for the A-Z Challenge! Your sketches--or woodblock prints?--are so clever and colorful. "Breakfast" is beautiful! Happy A-Zing!
    Alicia from

  4. Just sketches New House Girl- photographed and played with- woodblock is the sort of effect I was after so this is pleasing to read :-)


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