The Time Travelling Tae Kwon Do Tour Bus, And Other Stories!

A-Z Challenge: a different kind of story collection featured here!

There is so much more to Tae Kwon Do than punching and kicking. Each pattern (a sequence of attacks and defences against one or more imaginary opponents) has a meaning attached to it, which students are required to learn. These pattern meanings are intended to inspire students, showing the five tenets; courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit; in action. In practice, students tend to memorise a bunch of words, not always correctly. It is very amusing to be told by an earnest six year old that Yi the First was an expert on Neon Confusion but if he knew the real story of Yi I he would be getting a much fuller Tae Kwon Do experience. Pattern meanings are a marvellous, under-used resource for teaching Tae Kwon Do, for teaching about life and death, about another very different culture, about philosophy and true bravery.
Which is why I wrote, illustrated and published a book about them!

Today I have woken up, taken Dog for a run around tiny beautiful country lanes, stood out in the sunshine learning one of my brand new Second Dan patterns, then done some practical things like sending out invoices: spent time on my novel (which is for grown ups, and whilst it embodies the benefit of resilience does not contain any Tae Kwon-Do) and whizzed out this bit of writing and am about to embark on another round of research for the next Tae Kwon-Do book. There are holes in my socks and the house is messy, in need of cleaning that won't get done until Saturday. And then only out of courtesy to guests! Housework isn't important right now.
The things that I would like to change, I am in the process of changing.
Everything else will either catch up or be dropped! 

This isn't a sales pitch- more of a rant about how much I love this project of mine, but if you would like a copy, do use the email on the poster! There is no e-version yet, folks, though one is proposed :-) 


Suze said…
Do you have plans to sell this on Amazon?
Lisa Southard said…
I think I will get round to it, but at the moment I am selling direct and through my TKD organisation- mainly as I am publishing them myself and want to get the hang of this in a small way before launching globally. If I can get some coverage at the World Championships this year then global might happen faster... sales here so far are encouraging, as is the feedback. This, plus Second Dan... amazing times for me!! Feels like there is something in the air, hope it is there for you too :-) x
Suze said…
I am *thrilled* to read this. I think there's more than something in the air. I really do. Sending you a huge hug.

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