The next excerpt... an unexpected arrival. Although as a plot device, an arrival is never unexpected :-) 

Claire scrubs dirt from under her fingernails in the cool kitchen. A sandwich, eaten outside, she decides, can be called a picnic. Scuro jumps up on the table again, illustrates a glimpse of curiosity towards the cat shed.
‘They have scratching posts,’ Claire informs her, ‘squishy beds, toys, space. You will like it.’
Scuro closes her eyes, absorbs sunshine. 
Peaked solid clouds sit over the valley. ‘Beautiful view,’ Claire notes. Something clatters in the store shed.
‘Another newcomer?’  It sounds bigger than a cat, a medium sized dog, perhaps. From the clumsiness of the noise, she guesses a large puppy. Best not leave that unattended too long. She finishes the first half of the sandwich, walks inside, plate in hand, unprepared for the sighting of a small child.


Suze said…
Well, I have to be honest. This made me crave a good sandwich.
Lisa Southard said…
A good sandwich is highly recommended :-)
Geo. said…
In my experience, the unexpected appearance of an unexpected child in an unexpected place opens a history to be decoded. The shed becomes a puzzley place!
Lisa Southard said…
Definitely there is history to be decoded here.... I like the idea of a puzzle shed.

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