A-Z story installment O

Echo climbs the sofa while Claire cuts chunks of cheese, butters bread rolls, peels some apple. She hears the child babble nonsensical formative words in a purposeful manner. From the fridge she fetches grape juice. She remembers the plastic bottle with the pop up lid, easier for Echo to drink from than the mess of the cup. With a plate in each hand, she wanders in to the living room. The sofa cushions are on the floor.
‘Oh,’ Echo gestures, in the manner of one surprised to find a floor full of cushions.
‘Oh,’ Claire repeats, ‘how ever can that have happened?’ She stacks two of the cushions to make a soft table, then one each for a chair, places the plates.
‘Shall we?’ She sits. Echo catches on to the game, plonking herself down with a grin.
‘Nomnomnom.’ Each little hand fills itself with cheese and bread. She presses as much as she can into her mouth.
‘Good bread, isn’t it?’
‘Mmmm.’ Echo’s mouth is too full for comment. She nods enthusiastically.
They eat, save for the chomping noises, in companionable silence. Echo repeats her conspiratorial smile. Claire hands her the bottle; holds the open cap to the child’s funnelling lips. Echo takes the bottle, closes her eyes and devours the grape juice.
‘I guess you like grapes then,’ Claire deduces.
‘Ahhh!’ Echo smacks her lips together, chews on some apple.
‘Fruit trumps lettuce, eh?’
‘Nom woff. Ah.’


Suze said…
Okay, so today the bookend images are not just in a different color but from a wholly different angle.

It's crazy but today is the first day it occurs to me all the wild things Echo might be. I wonder, very much, how both Echo but especially Claire will be at the end of this ride.
Lisa Southard said…
You are on to something, Suze... can't say much more without giving it all away... *wriggles on chair to restrain blurting*
Suze said…
Ha! Cool. Will keep reading and seeing what clues may come ...

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