Vacation vs. holiday

The A-Z reaches V! 

Holiday- a day set aside by law or statute as exempt from regular business activities to commemorate a date or festival.
A Holy Day: a part of a nation's history.
Vacation- a scheduled period of time during which regular business ceases.
Vacate: relinquish, empty, withdraw.
Please mull over that in your own time: which you would prefer, whether it matters... 
Right now, my perfect time would be spent with an espresso machine, a library, a laptop, a blank sketchpad, a sunny beach.
What I have is a stovetop espresso pot, a small bookcase, the internet, a laptop (slightly cranky) some clear sketchbook pages and a damp garden.
This is not a complaint, for it's not too far removed from the ideal. This damp garden has primroses, chairs clustered around the bonfire ash, a rogue chicken and eight budding currant bushes.
My answer to the question is: forget semantics, let your lexicons fall: if the sun shines, close your eyes, bask. 


Suze said…
Oh, babe! I'd already fallen in love with this post as I'm listening to Billy Joel's 'Vienna.'

'Slow down, you crazy child,
take the phone off the hook
and disappear for a while ...'

Loving with everything in me the word vacate and then I reach your beautiful, perfect image when I scroll down a little more.

Hooray! Suze sent me an order to skeedaddle on over here to discover the meeting ground of our collective posts today but little did she know that I was already planning to visit (I save the good stuff)! Ha!

How much I agree. Don't fiddle the details, enjoy where you can...
PS. Love that last photo. :) Essence of Travel Bliss.
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you- that photo sums up exactly what I'm in need of right now! x

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