Presents and feasting and company later.
Here, first awake in the house, I sneak myself downstairs to play with words which are always my favourite toys. If this seems a trivial thing to say, you have misunderstood the art of playing.
Three chocolates slip into my mouth, longing to melt. Coffee keeps the sweetness in check.
Smells like a coffeehouse: pithy, pungent first brew.
Starling song and choral harmony and footsteps next door I hear.
Letter squares on my keyboard, set out in a grid like the table of elements; beyond this, the washing that still needs drying but is tucked back from the centre, the snoozing dog who knows I have the wrong socks on for walking, from twin windows, the sky so soft, gauzy rain falling. Gloss of wet ivy on the fat trunked ash, this is what I see.
Under fingertips, these smoothed well-worn keys. All the words waiting to be unlocked. This is what I feel.

Unlocked or unwrapped?

The strongest magic is in the sharing. This too I feel. Fingers on the keys find the best phrase: Thank you.


klahanie said…
And doth your fingers glide upon thine keyboard and present us with the magic of your thoughts.

Christmas positive ambience and thank you.

In peace and goodwill,

Lisa Southard said…
Peace and Good Will indeed :-)
Thank you Gary for your constant support.

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