Ergo Dog's Hero

Baby strides the living room, wearing Grandad's pants as a cape. This is how I can discover that her superhero hideaway is inside the folding clotheshorse.

-Where's my superhero lair?

How silly of me to forget. It's in my head, where I left it. I have simply neglected to think of it.
While I rediscover this wonder carved from a solid crystal; circa Me Aged Nine; Baby addresses her lessons to Dog.
'Thay! Thay!' She holds a ball in her hand. 'Woooo!' Permission to fetch the flung item.
She rehangs the underwear on the airer. Time to be sensible and fetch some supper.

'Baby, why is Dog eating a slice of cheese?'

She looks at the ceiling, shrugs, smirks: the sign that we will never know all of her secrets.

Dog? Is that you?


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