Whale And Cross

Last night the Christmas lights of Cadgwith were switched on. It was a clear cold night and the switch needed throwing twice to shake the power through the homely strung decorations. Neon dolphins swung over the sea, there was a whale hitched to the miniature peninsular known locally as the Todden. Above the colourful whale is a plain lit cross, for the memory of those lost at sea. Everyone had a fair try at singing. Santa was sat in a makeshift grotto; we sat outside the pub watching children brandish their treats.
Back to our home for the night, a fine granite chunk of a cottage, for a large glass of wine, a sauna (splendid what you can find in a cottage sometimes) and a curry feast cooked by our splendid host. For the grand finale, a debate over whether Florentines are a biscuit or a cake, myself being of the opinion 'biscuit.' Word games can last for years with the addition of wine fuelled questioning.
Cleared our heads this morning with sea air, another sauna, a full English breakfast.
Mr drives home, so I answer his phone.
'Hello,' says one of our friendly Bude Black Belts, 'just letting you know the road by the Red Post Inn is shut, there's been an accident.'
He says he will start the class if we are late getting through. We take the A39 and are not late. Class rolls well, though we are tired. Sauna, relaxed kind of tired.
On the way home we try the Red Post road, but it's still closed. Heading for the A39, and my phone rings.
Girl calling, voice edgy. 'There's been an accident,' she says. She tells us the name of a close friend. So now we are waiting on news; how the surgery went, what the prognosis is.
It's a limbo moment.
I want to be living in the reality where he wakes up with a headache and no car. I can think about this, picture a grumpy bruised face. He will be a sore loser about his car and I will be smiling so much to hear it: because I will be hearing it.
That sadness exists is undeniable: experiencing, learning from and accepting the presence of sadness is part of learning the true value of life. Strength comes from every level of existence. 


I hope your friend is okay.
Deniz Bevan said…
I hope he's all right.

Sauna on a cold night sounds lovely :-)
Lisa Southard said…
Prognosis is good- under sedation for a few days so we can't see him yet- but very pleased to know things are going well!! Thank you lovely people :-)

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