Officially Winter

Behind the glass of passenger side window, artificially lit.
Car park is sparsely populated.
Wind blows, desolate resonance; shakes the last of the leaves from the token trees growing from graveled squares.
Coffee banners thrill in the fight with unseen forces.
Inside the superstore warmth is wafted through aisles of every kind of fruit.
Breath hot into the wool loops of scarf.
Glance up, only a glance is required.
Mr has a signature walk, I always know it. I wonder how many steps I have watched him take.
I always know him, but never quite what will be in the shopping bag.
Brandy, port, two packs of thermal clothing. 


Geo. said…
I must ask. Tried to refrain but must. Are you using a vacuum cleaner to clear a path for tires? Is it on blower mode? Where did you learn to do this? My brother and my daughter both live in snowy places but neither has mentioned this technique.
Lisa Southard said…
Ah, they don't vacuum snow? On the other hand, my vacuum cleaners do break frequently...
Geo beat me to the punch... REALLY? A vacuum cleaner? Now I've seen it all... (Oops, nope, gotta take it back. Still haven't seen a duck-billed platpus or the aurora borealis...)
Lisa Southard said…
Susan- sounds like a well stocked zoo in Iceland might be your ideal holiday destination :-)

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