Breakfast Before The Party

Bacon fizzing under the grill. Egg whites spread in the little iron pan, lace edged. My coffee has the strength of a healthy elephant. We are doing that happy with a hint of panic, enjoying the day but so keen not to be late for the family fling thing.

Can't recall which farm the bacon hails from, but it's close to here. Eggs from the Nextdoor Chickens. Bread from Parker's Bakery. Salt and pepper from ceramic aeroplanes, holiday presents both. Cutlery from everywhere, some of which matches. Crockery, ditto.
For a moment after eating, stilled contentment.

Washing machine rolls a load of work clothes. There's no hurry on when they dry.

I'm not sure what I'll wear for the party. I had better go and throw lots of not quite right attire onto the bed.

Dog is ready! 


Stephanie V said…
Dogs are always ready! What a lovely, almost lazy, morning.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas!
Lisa Southard said…
Merry Christmas Stephanie! And thank you :-)

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