Sat at the front room table so I can be next to the heater and the heater, though portable, is best here where it can also dry washing. Sun blazes outside but the cold damp air has brought the washing in. I have sunglasses on for writing. This morning's walking was partly on ice. Brittle ice.
Tap on my keyboard, find comfort in words.
Also paint patient Christmas roses onto folded card, also make chicken pie. With sauce, this week. Reach for saucepan. Jollied up. There is a rainbow in it.
A round one, like the aura that gathers round the moon. Excited enough to take a picture of it. Paraselene is a fine word: it means the image of the moon inside the lunar halo. 


Geo. said…
Paraselene. I shall write it down. For years I've said, cirrostratus lunar corona, and people back away.
klahanie said…
Ah, tis such an image you paint. And may the comfort of words that dance from your fingers upon thy keyboard, bring thoughts of happy lunar halos.

Suze said…
I missed you so I popped in to see what you were up to, capturing rainbows.

I rest easier knowing you are alive in the world.
S.P. Bowers said…
Thanks for teaching me a new word! You've got some great imagery here, we're right with you.
Lisa Southard said…
Geo- you will find you are much more popular now, and conversations will flow with accomplished ease :-)
Gary- wishing you rainbows dear chap xx
Suze! Lovely to know you are here too- looking forward to The Return very much! xx
SP, thank you for reading- it is a lovely word isn't it? :-)

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