Tiny spitballs of ice hit down from a bland winter sky.

News comes along the relay line: crashed out friend in the hospital bed continues to improve. Not the most comfortable progress: he tries to pull out the drip feed, the instinct of fight and flight being much deeper than common sense.
The outcome could have been more funereal. Instead, here is a kind of hibernation. Sleeping though the bleakest hours; waking, slowly, numbed; senses clearing, drop by drop. If you were ever going to revaluate your life, then here is the moment for it, the perfect bruised and bashed up moment.

Are you thinking about it?

I rub my fingertips where the blood-flow has slowed. 


Geo. said…
"...fight and flight being much deeper than common sense."

Very succinctly put. Yes, been there. You too then? Hope all turns out well.
The Cranky said…
Is there such a thing as a bad time to re-think one's life?

Sending healing thoughts everyone's way.
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you both :-)
(Geo: I'm at my most feral birthing a child, but that's probably true of most females!)
Glad to report recovery in progress- not particularly pleasant progress but he is still under sedation and hopefully some kind of phoenix thoughts are forming.
And Jacqueline, you are right; never a bad time. Only sometimes life seems to over emphasise the need! xx

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