After Party Shock

The party we turn up for is an engagement celebration. The couple are running late. I am keeping a fidgety Baby amused and Little Grandson is sat eating a bag of crisps. I can't see Mr Craig when he steps into the Saddler's pub, only I hear him call for our attention. When the crowd quiets he says, and his voice is so serious:

'There isn't going to be an engagement party tonight:'

Earth stops turning. You can feel hearts thudding.

'Because in half an hour Natalie and I are getting married.'

Jaws drop, eyes swim, we check on Granma's pacemaker.

When I see how he is dressed, it makes clearer sense; though it's all a pinch past articulation, we are not convinced this is not a dream. To the gorgeous Georgian venue we go, all shook up: such a sneaky well orchestrated boggling fantastic jolt…


  1. Thank you for articulating this engagement party so incomparably well. It brought back memories 43 years old --my friend Tim saying, "We really ought to finish off this champagne, Geo. You're getting married in a half hour."


    And don't fret over Granma's pacemaker. I have one and they have a special defibrillator for pleasant surprises.

  2. Decidedly sparkly memories! I raise a glass to your 43 years, Mr & Mrs Geo, and to clever friends, well done Tim! Granma had her special defibrillator recharged with a large red wine. Worked fine :-)


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