Wine & Appreciation

Eating toast, suppertime toast, with a choice of toppings. Butter, I reach for, and uncap the whiskey marmalade. I have a wide bladed knife in hand. The butter is room temperature, the Rayburn has been lit all day. The bread had staled but a stint in the toaster makes it fine.

From rising late, the day has yawned, stretched as far as walking in the park. The house has a scent of wood dust, as Mr has a new shelf in progress, and a scattered mess of chewed cardboard, as Baby had a grand game with Dog, before being transferred to her travel cot, where she sleeps now, huddled by old teddy bears.
Downstairs, full of supper, her Grandparents get a wine buzz going.

[Some Credits:
Whiskey Marmalade, made by Mrs Naylor (mother of two junior Black Belts)
Choice of toppings included Turkey Liver Pâté by Mrs Philpotts (mother of a future Black Belt)
Baby, raised by Girl
Choice of wine with thanks to students, parents of students and family]


Unknown said…
Whiskey marmalade?! Now that could improve ANY breakfast!

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