Every moment is not meant to be neatly sketched. Details are best daubed. Grab any size of brush any way you please. Mix colour. Don’t mix. Express bold, hide in shade. Put your head in the pot, if you like. 

All of the pictures ever created, stitched like patchwork, still make only one sliver of eternity. What of all this would ever matter? If everything is not simply transient but lost in vastness?

What is it that you feel; closed eyes, open in mind, in soul?


  1. I see a rabbit or a running snowman. Does that matter?

  2. You describe events too intense for analysis, but you describe them very well. Not easy to imagine an expanding universe so big that nothing exists until it gets there. That is where time comes from and you're right, details are best daubed.

  3. Thank you for this Lisa. I am going through a worrisome time right now and I keep forgetting that "this too shall pass." I think that my head just might well be stuch in the paint pot right now!

  4. Sprinting snow bunny?
    It is not easy- application of wine can help- also makes details quite dauby :-)
    It shall pass!
    Rushed times here- please don't think I don't appreciate your comments or visits- will be catching up on reciprocity asap!! xxx


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