All Souls In The Woods

Last night I tripped over one of our house spiders and as a result of this it became deceased. I thought to have stumbled on a small stone and shook its curled body from my sock with a remorseful 'Oh.' It was the one with six and a half legs. I laid the husk out overnight in case it was merely bluffing. This morning I consigned it to the Rayburn flames, with a little All Souls prayer that it be delivered back to the bosom of the universe. I couldn't help thinking it had been trying to tug at my trouser leg, to whisper me a secret. I shan't know it now.

Mr and me took Dog walking in the secretive woods, along the literal road less travelled, through bramble cover and over fallen branches, under the strange filtered light. The woods don't quite seem real, which is why it doesn't seem odd to walk past the holes of the Border Trolls (creatures that drag their fat knuckles through the pine needles at night, patrolling old boundaries, from here to the river's edge.) Even on the easily accessed low path, trees squat like old gods and we are not in the normal world. 


  1. Neat pics, Lily! You have beautiful and mysterious looking woods. :-) I loved your line, "I couldn't help thinking it had been trying to tug at my trouser leg, to whisper me a secret. I shan't know it now."

    Seems you guys are getting along well in the new house. Does it have a name?

    Take care :-)

  2. Hello Teresa! The woods are a treat and the house is 'getting there' as we say- I think we shall call it Number Three always. About time I stopped by at your blog- am so busy writing I forget the rest of the world and time charges past quite unattended! :-)

  3. Hi Lily,

    Tis a wondrous, enchanting and hauntingly mysterious, thine woods doth see. A place where the magical wee folks, dance and sing in a world where no judgement is ever passed.

    Your reflective post is of such a dreamy place. Thank you.


  4. Okay. Can I just say I am in love with that first paragraph?

    In love. I'm gonna go read it, again.

  5. (I just read it out loud to my husband and daughter, btw.)

  6. Grandmother spiders, even ones with only six and a half legs, are more resilient than that! She'll come around again, mayhap with eight and a half legs this time, to whisper secret tales to you once again.

  7. I tagged you in a blogging game, sweet cakes.

  8. I love the photos of the trees!!! And I must say image of the underground whole is very intriguing. Thanks for the fabulous words and photos!!!

  9. Thank you everyone- I was very sorry for the spider. We've always had house spiders but this lot are the funniest- always falling off things and appearing in strange places. We went to the woods again today- there was a beer bottle in one of the Border Troll holes, think they also celebrate a bit of Pagan New Year!


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