All the colours that night swashed away are drifted back. Little Granddaughter is awake to see it. She knows the dark, the light, the time for breakfast.
Breakfast has a bowl and a spoon; one sits at the table, see Granma? I know this stuff: so wise now. Uh huh.
So much knowledge drifts in to her head: drops, splashes, floods, washes; wakes her from the dream of babyhood. When eating is done she gathers up the bowls, which, rudely, slip milk and cornflakes onto the carpet.
'Oh no!' Little Granddaughter takes my hand, leads me to the kitchen where I will find a cloth.

'Being with the wise, like meeting with family, is joyful.
Therefore, one should follow the wise, the intelligent,
the learned, the patient, the dutiful, the noble;
one should follow the good and wise,
as the moon follows the path of the stars.'
Gautama Buddha


Petronela said…
What a beautiful lovely post. Your granddaughter is angelic :). I wish you and all your family a beautiful new year :).
Lisa Southard said…
Happy 2013 Unikorna :-) xx
The Cranky said…
Such sweetness! A wise child indeed. =)

Stop by my blog if you will, I have something for you.
Congrats on your award from Jacqueline. I love your words they are so sweet for such a sweet angel you are sharing this moment with. She is adorable.Love the last pic. B
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you very very much, Jacqueline and Buttons! Mainly, the little maid is HILARIOUS :-)

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