Today the universe appeared as moderately tetchy, the balance of existence having cambered towards coffee and wine and away from early nights of good sleeping. Also a plague of mould had ruined some agreeable leather sandals, requiring all the shoes of the household to undergo vigorous cleaning. Complete tetchiness is inhibited by the force of satisfaction: the new shelf has stuff on it: properly sorted out folded up stuff, in plastic boxes as yet untouched by dust. The house shifts towards a state of pleasant living.
Symbolic activity peaks on the opening of a pristine notebook.
Does anything sing like clear space?
Uncluttered words, I write: emulous.


The Cranky said…
Two of my favourite things; an pristine notebook and an unused pen.

Why is it we so love the ephemeral?
Lisa Southard said…
Kind of fools for the future, maybe? Or because it reminds us of the importance of the present moment? Oddly, I prefer a used pen- I like the history of it. And above all- quirks are fun! :-)
Lily1959 said…
I love putting ink onto a pristine, bright clean piece if paper. It is a special moment to be savoured. XX
Suze said…
'Complete tetchiness is inhibited by the force of satisfaction'

Yummy words.

'Does anything sing like clear space?'


Happy new year, Diamond Lils.
Lisa Southard said…
Elizabeth- I haven't written in it yet, still anticipating!
Happy New year Suze: wishing plenty of clear space singing for you too :-) xx

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