First task of this year: to stand still and observe the immediate world.
To one side, bold vertical slice of red earth; under foot, damp gold sand; the other side, lazy waves roll from a reef break; above, sky clear and sky clouded; weather wheels like a zoopraxiscope. Three dogs misbehave with great mirth. Little Grandson has dinosaurs roaming on his jacket; Little Granddaughter is pink and polka dotted. Across weather curved rocks, seaweed green like the Emerald City.
Put my red boots back on, at the end of the walk. Dog runs and runs, chasing a seagull she will never catch.

Wet feet in cold boots, waiting in the car. Mr brings out a mug. Two children, full of fresh air and gull song, softly snore in the back seats. Coffee steams the windscreen.


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