A semblance of order, if one chooses to perceive it, is in the mashed pile of things to dump.
I see it, in this pyre of merely things: I see how it broadens from the idea to simplify, to focus, to say to ourselves, what is it about life that we like- let's do more of that, let's clear the space for it.
The cupboard under the stairs can breathe. It exhales relief.
Later, when I've loaded the car ready for the journey to the tip, the floor of our living room will stretch out, unburdened.
The house, commonly a symbol of the self, becomes easier to live with.


Suze said…
Soo delicious.

I was going to excerpt your perfect cat stretch post and say this, this and this, Diamond. But I love it all.
Lisa Southard said…
I love being Diamond Lil! It gives me a chuckle, not quite sure why- even have a notion to legally change my name: Diamond Lily Southard. What a character! Liking the blue lips avatar btw :-)
I love how you make throwing out a thing of beauty:) B
Lisa Southard said…
I got to the tip today before it was open and took a box of hard to part with things into a container for stuff to be reused- had a moment of thinking I couldn't part with it- a few hours later I'm struggling to recall what was in the box- ultimately, it's just stuff! Unclogged is a beautiful feeling! :-) Thank you, Buttons :-)
Suze said…
It suits you so beautifully and it just popped out of me one day, there it was. Diamond Lil.

Shine on.
Lisa Southard said…
Words that get born are mostly excellent :-)

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