One tin line-caught tuna;
one half tin leftover chickpeas;
one rough chopped smoked garlic clove;
one spoon light mayonnaise;
one pinch paprika;
two pinches grated nutmeg;
move from bowl to stomach, which stops grumbling.
Washing up stacks up, is on tomorrow's agenda. Today's list, flanked by ticks: victorious flourishes in a diary margin.
Birthdays, greeted;
menu, listed;
shopping, listed, purchased;
classes, taught.
One novel, line by line, appearing.


  1. Which classes did you teach?

  2. Thank you Teresa :-)
    Suze- on Wednesday evenings I'm in Plymouth, being an Assistant Instructor, teaching colour belts some Tae Kwon-Do: there is a grading coming up close on the heels of the Christmas break. Cue panic!

  3. Hope so Friko! I certainly do! :-)

  4. I thought it would be martial-arts related. You know, I wish I could take a class from you.

  5. Suze, the dojang door is open! Just it's a bit of a commute... but if we're ever in the same neighbourhood, I shall convene a class :-)


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