The pink flask has seen prettier days. Sun through car windows bleaches out metallic finish. It is pink-ish, matt, mostly looks like a Caucasian prosthetic, but still we are fond of it. It keeps the coffee in warm proximity, here in the car café.
The cup twists off. Silver shines under the pink, patched, a map: silver lands in a pink ocean. Espresso is the magma of my little cup planet.

Rain distends the river again, overspills, over fields: the fat streams flow.

Even the moon is swollen.
We see the lower curve of it on the last stretch home.

The flask in its former incarnation, bringing 9-5 coffee access


Nice! Not everyone can write something engaging about a cup, ya know.

And I have to ask... what are black pudding and hog's pudding? Is the hog's pudding the same thing as head cheese?? And the black pudding made with blood maybe??? Inquiring minds want to know...
Suze said…
I can't decide if I like pink ocean or espresso magma better.
Lisa Southard said…
Susan: Headcheese: known to me as brawn: is the head meat from a hog, simmered down and squished into a sliceable block.
Hog's pudding is also called the West Country Haggis: made of pork meat, pork fat, suet, oatmeal and sometimes offal like lungs and liver.
Black pudding, also called blood pudding or blood sausage is blood mixed with oatmeal, although there are many different types worldwide. And thank you! :-)
Suze: I think the magma is my favourite, but the margin is slim :-)

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