Open Capillaries

Set off driving as the sun was rising. It was shy about it, coyly remaining behind cloud until mid morning when we were walking indoors, away from the delicious spring day. A coffee after a long drive is an under rated pleasure. My brain has a healthy flush of opened capillaries. Around the middle of the afternoon we are back in the car for the long drive home. Me, and my passenger, have been learning how to organise competitive fights. We are too injured (one does not say ‘old’) to compete these days, so helping other people is the next best thing. We talk of this and admire the landscape. I love how the tree branches are formed like brain stems. The clouds are pretending to be mountains. On the home stretch, passenger safely delivered, there is just me in the car as the sun disappears. Just me, winding the car through the dark and the mist, under the tree tunnels, over the river, back to home where the wood burner blazes and the pork stew is hot. Mr hands me a glass of wine. 


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