Sun follows mist, so this afternoon I am able to lie on the sun lounger and read. I am trying to ignore the symptoms of being ill, but craftily resting to speed recovery. Maladies are not popular with me. They interrupt play. The plus side is, on resting, one can practice calm quiet skills like the art of self-awareness, which is importantly distinct from selfishness. Although while I take the time to lie on the sun lounger, gripped by the actions of an entertaining thriller, immersed in sun, faintly aware of the birds’ blathering and Dog’s wish for me to throw stuff, I have a teeny weeny epiphany: if this is selfish, a bit of it must be healthy for me. Having recalled this valuable lesson, I am disappointed that the illness doesn’t immediately evaporate. 

(A self portrait, aged impatiently 14, with a style debt to Ronald Searle)


Teresa Cypher said…
Very nice! Well, not nice that you are under the weather--and I hope you get better, soon! Nice how you set the mood. And, as usual, the artwork is so fitting... :-)
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you Teresa, I am on the mend, I know this because I've just requested a glass of wine :-) Glad you are appreciating the artwork- some very old work getting a new lease of life on here!

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