Midtide Mist At Midmorning

Mr draws back the curtains this morning and his head is literally in the clouds. All there is to be seen of the usual scenery is the top of the holly tree. Everything else is light grey. At 10am some more trees begin to evolve, which the noisy birds will be glad about. Foreground extends to the fields, mid ground and beyond is diffused sunlight. Updating the website slides from routine easy to I Don’t Know Why This Is Happening, at which point I look up and save myself from frustration by going outside and drinking tea while the buzzards circle over the fields. By lunchtime, only the edges of the world are hazy. We toss washing on the line and hoist it into a light breeze with much satisfaction. I have always loved that sight. It always tells you where you are in life.
After training, I walk out into the car park, too hot to do up my coat, and the cooling mist tide has rolled back in. 


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