Land of the Morning Calm

I am the first one awake this morning. It’s quiet except for the spring-frisky birds. Yesterday evening the mist was a soft blanket, hanging it out overnight has damply chilled it. Dog follows me outside, listens to the birdsong and seems to shrug before returning indoors to rediscover sleep. Cat stretches her back for scratching. She is purring before I’ve put my hand on her lumpy fur. Since Dog is happy snoozing and the air is cold I opt to settle on the sofa with coffee, toast and laptop. When the toast pops up the rest of the house wakes up, like some kind of sympathetic magic. While I am drinking my coffee, Boy talks. While my laptop bings into life, Mr tells me about things I need to finish the accounts. The TV is turned on. Feet tread the stairs in search of things. The marmalade is delicious. 


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