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I don't necessarily understand this game- jumping in anyway! Answering 10 questions posed by Teresa Cypher, http://dreamersloversandstarvoyagers.blogspot.com/ 10 clumsily assembled questions of my own listed underneath. Answer in a comment or leave a link so I can find the answers on your blog :-) 

1. Tell me what you think of love--is it overrated or underrated?
I think it's misunderstood. People want the floaty magic feeling but the everyday effort escapes them mainly because they underestimate how much effort can be involved. It's a very important part of life.  

2. Dogs or cats?
One would not be as much fun without the other! Dog is a bigger presence in our lives but Cat does work for a living here, so I had better be diplomatic. 

3. If you could have either a helicopter or a bulldozer to play with for a day...which?
Bulldozer, after some careful consideration: because we have fields, and a very bumpy lane.

4. What is your earliest memory?
I remember pre-school. I called my teacher The Super Lady. She wafted around in long skirt and beads saying everything was 'Super, darling, that's super.' 

5. Your favorite book?
Thesaurus. I love words and they don't even need to be in any particular order. 

6. Can you name all of your primary school teachers?  
Mrs Ashley, Mrs Stephens, Mr Kennedy, Mr Kavanagh, Mr Sadka; all from Junior school (for children aged 7-10.) Before that, they were interchangeable bossy people, before that, there was the Super Lady. 

7. Are we alone in the universe?
We are the universe. I'm one of those 'everything is made of energy' people. 

8. What do you think when you look up at the stars?
Magical thoughts.

9. Are you a little bit "off" when the moon is full?
I am excited by the sight of a fat moon, but I don't think it makes me cranky. Not compared to what might happen if we ran out of decent coffee.

10. Does the Cadbury bunny really lay eggs?
Our Rabbit lays lots of little round objects. With a bit of photoshop we could start a tourist attraction. 

My questions:
1. What is your favourite festival?
2. Camper van or boat?
3. If magic or advanced technology allowed it, would you choose to explore space or the oceans?
4. What memory brings you happy tears?
5. What piece (or style) of music makes you dance?
6. Did you get into any school fights?
7. Is the universe friendly?
8. Close your eyes, listen, name the first three sounds you notice. What does that tell you? 
9. Do you favour drinking from a particular cup or glass and why or why not?
10. Have you ever deliberately worn knickers over your tights? 


Teresa Cypher said…
ha :-) The post in which I was tagged "it" did ask that others be tagged, but I felt that it was sort of exclusionary to do it that way. And that has worked out wonderfully--for it I had done that--then I may not have met you :-) 1. Love-- "misunderstood" I think you nailed that one. Too many people don't understand that transition to the everyday effort. :-)
2. You are an animal lover :-)
3. Have you ever heard the silly little song "If I Had a Bulldozer"? It was written to be sung in comedy clubs. Silly and cute :-) The helicopter would be fun, but the bumpy lane--we have a very long and bumpy lane also. :-)
4.Cute early memory.
5. I was always a fan of the dictionary. I have an old Webster, 1,000+ pages, copyright 1901. Words are beautiful!
6. Goof job-- I can't. :-) Sister Mary So and So :-)
7. Everything is energy; I agree.
8. I wonder what is out there...and marvel at how very small I am. And then I am awash with this thought--the duality of our very human existence--that we are such miracles, so amazing...and yet, we are so insignificant in the grand scheme...
9.lolol...better be sure to stay stocked up on the coffee ;-)
10. Haha... I had a bunny once..."little round things" indeed! :-)
Teresa Cypher said…
Now, to answer yours :-)
1. We have a local festival in late September called Penn's Colony. It is designed to resemble a 17th century trading post. Scottish dancers, I Irish dancers, army encampments. The vendors must all dress the part. No electricity on site, great food,lots to see and do. Such fun :-)
2.We have already spent weekends on the boat--for about a decade. Have given it up.My husband just said today that "if we win the lottery" (his favorite thing to fantasize about) that we would buy a motor-home and see the country. :-)
3.Space...yep, space...
4.Thinking about things we did with our children before they were grown and gone.
5.Zydeco, some rock--with a good base drum.
6.Nope...life is so short...and detention is so loooong ;-)
7. The universe lacks emotion. It just is. Like nature...no sympathy for the weak, no malice toward the malevolent, and no joy for the happy or fortunate among us.
8. TV in our bedroom, fan in the computer and the dogs chewing rawhide bones. That tells me that I need to get a set of earphones and listen to some music :-)
9.Yes. One mug for cocoa, a different mug for tea, and I have a favorite glass for cold drinks. I just like the shape of them. The glass shape is very stable, the teacup is a bit flared--which I will argue makes the tea taste better. And the cocoa cup is a mug...I don't know why :-)
10. Nope :-)
Lisa Southard said…
Penn's Colony sounds like an excellent local celebration!
I decided to opt for the camper van, but with a kayak strapped to it; think I want to be a mermaid more than a spaceman, I will wave to you up in the stars; remembering Iris Mock, a generous and happy lady; any music, I love dancing; we didn't have detentions, merely a rap across the knuckles with a wooden ruler, and I only took out bullies so have fond recollections of standing up for myself; agreed, it just is; birdsong, chainsaw, distant traffic, tells me it's a dry day and other people have places to go but right now I don't, lucky me; yes, I like a bit of ceremony with simple stuff like drinking tea; and yes, almost always, tend to buy tights from the bargain bin and they are usually a poor fit :-)

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