Just Add Water

Everything we had planned for today got postponed for a mundane but pleasant list of reasons. Out came the sun. Disciplined me used the extra time to catch up on sensible work indoors, which is not a bad thing, but in a bid for a balanced life and a need to atone for yesterdays grump, a run to the beach was, in retrospect, inevitable. Mr, Dog and me piled into my scruffy car and unpiled at Widemouth Bay, low tide. I walked down the beach and forgot to stop until me, my clothes and my Dog were in the sea. It was more extreme paddle than swimming. The water was cold but the kind that skin can acclimatise to. Mr is not convinced. Mr is amused. The waves catch a beneficent wind, spray rises in a plume. In the shelter of the car door I do the traditional clumsy changing from wet clothes to spare sarong. I must have a ‘Just Add Water’ Acme Happiness Device fitted. Drove home perfectly balanced, after cleaning the salt from my shades. A buzzard rises over the car, and I toy with the idea that maybe this is the same one I see at home, my own personal buzzard. Make carbonara with sand stuck to my feet, run a steaming bath to wash salt off my skin. All the windows are open, almost all the way to dark. 


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