Compared to the ear snuggling warmth of a fleece hood, the air blows chill. Otherwise, a mild day; rainy, unstormy, a settled sort of grey.
In the park, Dog chases her ball through more mud than other dogs, somehow.
It's a run around day, I get in the car and out the car and back in again, saying the next destination and task out loud to myself.
Boy to school. Baby to Ella's house. Words to paper. Marinate pork. Do not remove car seat. Remove chainsaw. Baby to Nanny's house. Wash car windows. Boy from school. Eat. Friday: Okehampton.
In snippets, a piece by piece day.
Last drive home; under clear dark and stars.
Time now for apple wine, then a fat quarter of sleep. 


  1. Back through the doorway and eventually, the duvet beckons.

    May you have a peaceful, positive weekend.


  2. Thank you Gary - it's going rather nicely so far :-) And may you likewise find peace and positivity xx


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