Etymology Of Cake

Little Grandson studies a cup cake.

Our crashed out friend in the hospital bed will be kept under sedation for 72 hours. Prognosis suggests that shortly after that we can queue up to be joyfully annoyed with him for the superfluous drama. Fingers are crossed, candles lit. Fingers tap on a table top. Thumbs twizzle. Concentration, hmmm….something I put down and can't relocate.

I had already made soup, so cake was next.

My Christmas culinary distraction cake. It was neither precisely measured nor expertly made. The act of slopping butter with sugar, the paring of peel, squeezing fresh citrus juice, dropping dried fruit over the washing up rack, the awkwardness with which I cut the baking paper and had to peg the sides in place to get the mixture in, the boozy soaked fruity mix that part way through baking acquired a thin layer of charred skin; the way I had to really think about the timings because I was tired and not concentrating? It passed the time productively.

Etymology of cake: something round, lump of something. From the Old Norse 'kaka.'

Under the charring, some nice cake.


  1. Wow, we cooked just alike this past week!

  2. Not the best cake I have ever made, but maybe the most useful!! :-)


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