A Sky Painted Flat

Today's path is not complicated. It follows flowering lanes, between the bell hyacinths and the bluebell leaves. It pilots under a sky painted flat, with cameo ware cloud. It loops the cool grass in the field where the wind blows over badger bones, where vivid slime grows in the stream overflow and daisies tinge pink at the petal tips. Buzzards wing thermals and the cattle are sat, chewing. Dog runs, dip dyed in mud.
And the evening is straightforward too, is routine. A drive across Plymouth as the daylight fades and neon softly flickers. Small groups of people stop to communicate. One here holds a pint glass, another, a bag from the takeaway counter. The air has a tarmac earthiness: tangs of tyre rubber and buttery garlic.

~110,625 words make up The Novel so far. Working on Chapter Nine out of ten. End in sight! But I fell asleep over my laptop this week. Much energy expended. It makes one jittery. It has resulted in a thick cough and a thin delirium. The end is sighted and will be reached. Only I might need a medic. Will settle for a brandy. Indebted to the unruffled sky.


Suze said…
This was so beautifully written, Lisa.

I hope the cough is nothing serious and that you are able to bring to completion your worthy work.
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you Suze :-) A routine rundown cough is all it is, not enough to stop me. Enough to remind me to sleep! Hard not to rush now the end is sighted too!!

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