A Secret Blog

A similar ping of intuition to the one that gave life to this cure-all blog: I recognise it. It must be followed. It makes not so much sense at first: to start a private blog that only I read. I have notebooks and a pen, I have always had notebooks.
What is wrong with my notebooks?
Apart from the lack of organisation?
Yet somehow it does feel… sensible? So yesterday, unbeknownst, a secret blog was duly initiated. Not so clandestine that I can't speak of it. It's more that I can't explain it. I'm building it as a small child constructs, artful and subconscious.
Meanwhile Dog is arching gracefully on the sofa. She appears adorable and wafts an eggy cloud. My Buddha-self says this is a lesson that one must not be too caught up in appearance for the substance may be rotten. My nose suggests a new lid for the Dog-raided compost bin. There is no discrepancy in following the spiritual and the practical advice.
There is washing on the line in the dark waiting for tomorrow's sun.
And words unfolding in secret cyber spaces. Chattery fledgling words.


The Cranky said…
Oddly enough I, too, have been feeling impelled to begin another, more secret, blog.
Geo. said…
I started a journal in 1972 because I had a family, interests, threats to my freedom and a strangely calm inquiry into existence underway. It was not organized --still isn't-- beyond chronologically. But I suppose it is secret because it is private and occupies, in 40 volumes, a long chest in the pumphouse. Sometimes I go out there and sit on it --to absorb the luxury of unexpressed ideas. I like your idea, but how is it different from notebooks?
Lisa Southard said…
Well, Jacqueline, maybe there is something in the air! And Geo is 40 volumes of wise and onto to something. I have asked myself sternly this question and two primary answers pop up: one, you know where your blog is and never leave it in the bathroom thinking it is safe in your lovely red satchel. Two, the most obvious and more compelling: the option to share. To work it out and do jazz hands and ta-da! Here's that secret thing I was on about! These ideas are not shy. They are working out a routine to show off later. Busted!
My notebooks are not even chronological. I write in one and then leave it on a shelf for several years whilst using several other books and backs of envelopes. The linear control of time also might be a contributing factor to using a blog. But I will not be giving up notebooks. I have about four currently in use and I know where three of them are. Two of them are in my red satchel, the other on the dining table. I think the fourth may be under a pile of notes in the office.
A private, online notebook - why not? A diary is essentially writing letters to yourself. A self-only blog really isn't so different.
Suze said…
Do you know what apocalypse means? It means lifting the veil or uncovering. Perhaps the secretish blog awaits its proper apocalypse?

Also, I love:

'I'm building it as a small child constructs, artful and subconscious.'

so very deeply and much.
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you Mr Squid: I think I am writing to to myself first to clarify what I think before sharing. My journals jump time and subject but this is more centred around a particular concern.
:-) Suze, whilst other blogs have reveals and releases I shall host an apocalypse... that is something I had not done in any of my notebooks! I'm enjoying the aloneness at the moment, there's a lovely blank page clarity to it. But the apocalypse is rumbling :-) xx

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