Alcoves in the hedges hide the blackberries and the picker. Muddles of flora from bud to seed; spiders, the sort with banded legs, spin thick webs; slow wasps can be picked off the fruit and left to be confused; into the open pot the ripe fruits are dropped.
On the other side of the hedge are whispers: hazel fronds or ghosts, it cannot be told. The story is indecipherable, the noise fascinating.
This sky could bring any weather. The wind is colder than yesterday.
Purple fingers sneak through brambles, pluck away the ripe fruits: into the pot they drop: hazel fronds or ghosts: whispers and wind chill bringing welcome shivers.


The Cranky said…
My Gran used to say that if you listened very hard, that Grandmother Spider would tell you her stories. Perhaps that was the source of your whispers.
Lisa Southard said…
I love blackberry picking. It gets you fruit and meditation. And time to chat with Grandmother Spider!

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