Park Banter

Winter sends some weather from the future: it's been some months since my hands felt bitten like this. Double-coated Dog cares not a jot. We are in the park admiring the width of old firs, the silvery trunks of birch, the feral pre-schooler in the undergrowth.
'I should have just got a dog,' the mother says. She is holding his raincoat open and smiling. Ice rain puts him off the feral life. He runs for coat cover.
We are at the hill's brow when the rainbow breaks.
A dinky white terrier stops to wait for a damp man. 'That's the trouble with this weather,' the man says, 'you never know.'


  1. The image of the twig with a lone, curled leaf (is that a feather attached?) in focus drew me in and then, pow! What a fantastic opening line.

    You never know with you, Tequila. You never know.

  2. Your comments are a grin guaranteed! The photo is pinched from my son: it is a leaf and bit of twig, feasibly deer chewed. Figures in the background are me, my daughter and granddaughter. And the opening line- one of those flashes out of calm. I work on nurturing the inspiration alongside a good solid determination. Consequently I have the reward of surprising myself: I never know with me either :-) x


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