I did write this in the car, and managed (first attempt at such technological advancement) to email it, from my phone, as a draft blog post, which I have not edited because I like the free tumble of tired words:

Poor eyes all hollow and shaded like the horse of sleep has landed a double back kick. Horse of sleep? Perhaps I was thinking of a nightmare? Tired? Oh yes. In the car, typing on my phone, when I get home sleep is the next listed task. Lovely travels even with this weary nag. Enough equine reference now it all is like a laundry basket, when all the colours are chucked in, and one thinks of how this was worn for that and all is jolly, never mind the mess. I was not thinking of a nightmare, only a mulish stubbornness. Kick off day clothes, clean your face, lower eyelids, hush now mule, dreams are waiting for you.  

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  1. Read this listening to Bruce Springsteen. Two greats at once. Girl is happy.

  2. I get to keep some fine company! That includes Suze and Bruce btw :-) x

  3. Stream of consciousness and brash new mobile technology-- you excel in both areas. My admiration!


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