Auspicious Glitch

After the washing up, the washing (small house, wet weather, no tumble dryer, don't underestimate the skill required) and a basic level of cleaning is covered, it should be writing time, only Boy has sent a plaintive text: please can someone fetch him his photography folder? And while so close to town, I figure, why not drop in the banking and buy some cup hooks and root ginger. And while I'm near-ish there's a sale and I might as well try on some dresses, there's a wedding reception to go to on Saturday: it would be transcendent to go out and be wearing new clothes. The sale is ultra-cheap: the vision viable. This dress and that, I deliberate: mid-lengths, mostly: leopard print; lovely, but not in my size; skinny fit feather motif; looks good full of curves but it won't hold its shape; embroidered nouveau folk; so quirky but so shapeless; and a random dress picked up accidentally in the clutter of the other choices; this is the one that I buy. At home I hang it up like a trophy and get my writing done.

(It's not this dress, but this is a dress: close enough!)


Suze said…
I love the poetry in the title of your post.

My heart goes out to you getting the wash done with no dryer in damp, cold weather. Actually, you quite have my respect!

I hope the dress you ended up choosing is perfect for the wedding. (Since the leopard print was not quite an auspicious fit ...)
It is a special occasion for me to buy new clothes, yet alone a new dress (!) so I was right there with you in the random trying of this and that. Lovely.
Lisa Southard said…
Here the poetry is mostly in the title- sometimes you can lop a title off but here it is vital to the whole. And I am brazenly confident with my clothes drying skills- Level Expert! Very happy with the new dress, and Girl is going to do my hair. I shall look quite presentable and that is a bit of a novelty :-)

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