More coffee, less sleep!
At 3am, realize I have fumbled this advice.
Also that I have forgotten several birthdays and not posted that anniversary card.
Sometimes I think these words are physical pieces of me and I write more life than I live: they are demon words each dragging a stealthy slice of me and one day there will be only words left.
Some thoughts can be cured by sleep.
Must unfumble that advice.

The wind is a cloud-herd, over fields that have warmed earth smell and curves and busy hedges. Where feet stand is still, vibrantly still.

Is my life all inked out?
Shhh, says the wind: you should sleep.
Where feet stand is thick with flowered cover; the hedge plants run to seed.
Words are flowers. Words are seeds.
Shhh, says the wind.


Geo. said…
Beautiful. That is indeed what the wind says. At 3 a.m., there's a circus of fumbles in here, too. "Shhh" is a prudent applause.
Lisa Southard said…
Many thanks for these words: love the circus of fumbles! And prudent applause is how I interpreted the Shhh too. A long way apart but we seem to inhabit the same world Mr Geo :-)

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