A Short Reality Check

In between the word-blurs there are moments where I am surprised to find myself not typing or holding a biro or stooped over an open notebook. And now, while I am typing, I am thinking of them.
There was Little Granddaughter sat on the edge of the moor, bathed in ice cream, legs wetted from adventures in the leat. She has a new game: one of us says 'Wait a minute…' and taps a finger against lips in thoughtful pose. She sprawls limp in laughter.
There was the river raid made by me and Dog, across the Tamar to Devon to scrump a few blackberries. They were all to seed, so we came back to our own bursting hedges.

There was that hungry stare into the fridge, the reassurance of congested shelves. I made a jam sandwich, brewed fresh coffee.
There was the oddity tonight of arriving home to find lights flickering: a mystery solved by the discovery of a TV remote under a Fat Beagle.
In short, back to the word-blur I may go: we are laughing, walking, eating, sharing dog care: there is no neglect to attend to.


Suze said…
'a mystery solved by the discovery of a TV remote under a Fat Beagle.'

God, I love this.

You are an excellent human being. I hope you don't get tired of me saying I love your posts.
Lisa Southard said…
If I get tired of love I shall need a serious reality check! (And a holiday probably.)
We had a fine bout of laughing after finding that the dogs were watching TV! :-)
Suze said…
Fine bout of laughing. Excellent.

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