Rose Tinted Planet

Into town for an hour, for serious tasks, such as banking (using financial formula: take money from a, feed b) and acquiring car fuel. Smuggled under my grey suit jacket, a lining of cerise pink satin. Blatant polka dots on a scarf.
Home to my red and mud coat, home and out: here strolls me, there pelts Dog, through the clasped hand angles of the woods. Under the shaded steep slopes, a hundred tunnels lead to a hundred underground lives: tentacles of a terrestrial alien city. Out from branches, ferns, brambles, crisp fallen leaves, out to the furthest field, to a prairie of stalks: here strolls me, there pelts Dog; soft rain touches, hears my plea for the washing on the line, moves on.
In the hedge, in warm wraps of sun, bright pops of ripe strawberry. 

This is Strawberry Pig- most famous berry I ever picked 


The Cranky said…
..."here strolls me, there pelts Dog"...

Even the simplest-seeming phrases are so evocative.
Lisa Southard said…
The simplest acts are often so evocative, I like to note and mark such moments. Thank you Jacqueline :-)
Lynn Proctor said…
i love the way you describe your coat--and are you going to try to sell you pig berry :)
Lisa Southard said…
Lynn- Boy ate the pig berry- with permission of course. So the picture is all that exists for sharing now!

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