A Hint Of Halloween

All day, a shroud for a sky: does it bode? I don’t wish for it to bode. It is a trick of light, only, an evocative illumination. Yesterday’s figures of mist, drift to mind; reminds me to be respectful where I tread, for the dead are many and life is finite. This land is made of their labours.

Slugs in the lane are feasting on bits of their tyre-split colleagues. It is the job of a slug, this pragmatic clean up. And since they eat in the road, in the tyre-smoothed section of road, it has a macabre circle of life vibe to it. As a restaurant concept, unlikely, but then slugs are not good at PR.

There are wild strawberries, in the hedge, still finding enough light to ripe, we pluck out two or three each: carefully watching for traffic. 


Suze said…
Lils, what is that image? It looks like the bloodshot eye of a Jack o' lantern.
Geo. said…
Someone took some care on that jack-o-lantern eye! Glad also to see slugs mentioned. I'm fond of them and posted a scholarly essay on one a couple days ago. It is called "Snot". They are gentle beasts but you're right, they're very bad at PR.
Lisa Southard said…
The lantern is my own work- an unusual dappled pumpkin, home grown, I think. Having grown up carving turnips; not recommended unless you like blisters; I love pumpkins!
Will look out for your slug post Geo- for some weird lost in childhood reason, I have long associated slugs with the horror of the Nazi regime- but you're right, they are gentle beasts, they just look bad.
As always, your writing is lyrical and thought-provoking. And holy moley, your pumpkin-carving abilities are just as stellar! That's quite an eye.
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you Susan! The pumpkin is artfully photographed, which helps :-)

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