On this chill bright day, we have been part of a babble (the word team almost works, but babble is closest) helping Girl and Baby move house. Granny Meg was also celebrating a birthday, so we had oven fresh pasties (Girl burnt her arm) and cake and cups of tea, in between the collapsing of furniture and ferrying of boxes and mixing up messages about what should be placed where and who has the key for which door of which abode.
Baby cried when her toy box was carried away. She has no idea what the purpose of the day is. The new house has a garden and she likes this very much. At teatime, she rides in her big pink car seat, singing nearly-words, to Mrs Granma's house. There is lamb stew waiting in the Rayburn. Granny Meg sneaks her a bit of chocolate cake. Outside the night rises, the temperature drops, the moon is an ice blue sculpture. Mr Grandad puts extra blankets in the travel cot. 


The Cranky said…
Happy Getting a Garden to Explore Day little one.
Suze said…
singing nearly-words

Lils, I swear I think I can hear them.
Friko said…
A babble of comfort?
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you everyone- wish I could work out how to do direct replies to comments- one day when I am a little less tired I shall look into it- meanwhile- it is lovely for Baby to have a garden and always a hilarious time moving house with family help :-)

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