Mesmer's Weather

Slavish devotion to laptop today, obsessed by learning to format an ebook. Rather startled to find there are people talking to me. Apologies, family. And knees: I have ice knee caps. Tellingly, I have remembered to feed the dog. Feed, and walk. This morning, before my laptop pinged on and the rest of the known universe vanished, all I wanted to think of was taking a holiday; flicking lazy feet over warm sand. Me and Dog sent up a neat spray of last night's rain, there were still strawberries to be found, so I could not think why I needed; it felt like I needed; to skip over a tropical beach. My hand on the door handle as the heavy rain falls. The smell of refreshed earth follows me in. Up to the bedroom to find a towel, and stop, and find that I am caught in the rain, in the lush-heavy sound of it.


The Cranky said…
How I have missed these words!
Jeremy Bates said…
I'm with you on the yearning for the beach. I have been wanting to go for the past 2 weeks. The heck of it is, it's a 4-hour bus ride (I don't own a car here in Manila where I am writing). There's just something about the smell and the sounds that refresh. Hope you make it as well as me.
Lisa Southard said…
I made it Jeremy- I'm a mere half hour by car although one is subject to British weather. 4 hours by bus... no envy there. I hope you find a beach loving friend with an air conditioned car :-)
Jacqueline- Thank you! :-)

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