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The Wishbone Alphabet – an experiment, of course, with attitude, life and the eponymous soup.

I’m not always so secure about being bossy, but do, on this occasion, feel decidedly, hideously justified.
Enthusiasm, like many things, resides on a scale. The enthusiasm gamut starts at a sustainable leisurely pursuit, ends in an explosion. Every stage has its pros and cons and, while idiot proofing can be a courteous gesture, I’m (generously) going to allow my readers to work out for themselves what is good and bad about mildly eager or maniacally passionate and all the bits in between. 
My intent here is to speak up for enthusiasm as a generic element. Eagerness is sometimes perceived as desperation; people clinging to obsessions that bring meaning to an otherwise bewildering drift of existence, or taking cover behind fascination so they can ignore the blunt You Have Wasted Your Life truth.
This point of view does possess a validly eponymous point. But!!!
A life without enthusiasm is a life unexplored.
And not unexplored because it is so inaccessible, that would be forgivable. This is your life, held in your own hands; it’s your own heart that beats, your own lungs that guzzle air, your own senses reaching out to link you to the world.
It would be unexplored because… excuses are the enemy of integrity, so I hope you haven’t found one.


An unexplored life would be sad. I keep exploring and hope I always will.
Lynn Proctor said…
yes enthusiasm helps the most mundane of days
Lisa Southard said…
Cheering you on Fran and Lynn! :-)
Teresa Cypher said…
Wow, this is a wonderful post, Lily!

I really like your writing. In May, I am going to rework my blog, and among other things, update the blogroll. I will be adding your blog :-)
Lisa Southard said…
I shall be honoured, Teresa! I follow more blogs now than I can truthfully keep up with, thanks to the A-Z challenge, maybe a blog roll would help me be a bit more organised- I shall investigate! :-)
Yours would be on mine too- I love the science family life mix!
Suze said…
'The enthusiasm gamut starts at a sustainable leisurely pursuit, ends in an explosion.'

Or implosion.

Let us form a coalition against excuses, shall we? Right this moment, yes?
Lisa Southard said…
Implosion equally valid- and yes, Suze, we are The Coalition Against Excuses! :-)

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