I: Into Exeter, In The Rain

Rain falls, heavy silver drops from a lead sky. Not gold, or the clouds would be truly skilful alchemists. The windscreen wipers slosh, the traffic ahead disappears into dense water. 
Our vehicle is squashed into the road with all the vehicles of the people who have looked at the downpour and decided the camping trip must end. 
We bypass backed up queues, sneaking into the old city of Exeter on an old single-track road, past the ancient twisted oak, past the wall the Romans built, when the oak was a slip of a sapling. 
There is one last parking space waiting. 
Run through the rain into Great-Granma’s flat and a row of hugs. Little grandson, aged two and one quarter, leans on his Uncle’s lap, listening to our chatter. We pile up our plates with two kinds of quiche and watch him drift to a standing sleep. 


I love the photo of your Grandson, how cute! I like your post as well, I felt as if I was along for the ride!
Suze said…
'We pile up our plates with two kinds of quiche and watch him drift to a standing sleep.'

Made all the sweeter for the wonderful visual.
Lisa Southard said…
He wasn't quite so sweet when we woke him up putting him in the car- but he soon cheered up when we saw a digger. He calls all of his older relatives 'Granma' and every time he sees my Elvis fridge magnet he shouts 'Daddy!' Children are inspirationally bonkers :-)
Tracy said…
awww, how sweet is that! I guess he found a very safe place to be--must be how I feel safe in a rainstorm all coy inside my bed :)
Jaime said…
I just love that photo. Kids are so open.
Teresa Cypher said…
Lovely post, Lily! It paints quite the visual. The little guys is adorable "...and watch him drift to a standing sleep." They look like such angels while they sleep...even standing. Have a wonderful Wednesday :-)
Amanda Trought said…
Oh to be able to feel so comfy, he's gorgeous. Really like your writing style. blessings, Amanda

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